Bob Kinnear is a retired guy with grey hair who spices his life with itinerant travels, musical interludes, kitchen duties and gardening. A raunchy, barroom style piano player with his roots in traditional ragtime, his wild antics have allowed him to see most of North America and limited bits of other areas on the globe. He currently resides in one of the most beautiful places he has come across with his partner, Maggie, and with Miss T, their trusty traveling German Shepherd.


Thanks for the picture, Chris!

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi bob. I don’t know whether you remember me or not but I was alisons !married friend, Debbie. Her and I worked on the railroad togher and shared quite a past…. It was a blast from my past to read your blog and your percections are true and correct… I am blown away and the memories come tumbling back as I read your stories. Thank you. I could fill in the blanks if you are interested…. So once again thank you and I hope we can continue this farther…. Debbie (solly) kopola

    • Hi Debbie
      I’m not sure if I ever met you or not. Things from that era are a bit hazy. I will always have fond memories of the ‘tame’ beastie and I suppose that I could say that I loved her. Not too sure if it was a mutual thing.
      Yes, I would be interested in filling in some of the blanks sometime. You can write me at anytime.
      Nice to get some feedback on my stories. I’d be interested to hear how you came across the article.


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